Epilogue: Useful info per country

I have logged information of my 6 month 42.000 km trip per day in a diary. Some information could be potentially of use when planning your trip..

Below are the actual kilometers driven on my bike per county…

…and the days I was in those countries. Mongolia was a big chunk. But a good chunk.

I have used my GPS and sometimes my gut feel when I had no batteries to record the speed when driving the bike. Countries were more or less comparable, when asphalt was present. When asphalt was not present (at roughly 10% of my trip), the speed dropped drastically. There were days especially in Mongolia and India, where 20 km/hr for many hours were the norm. The figures do not take into account resting time, so don’t use it for planning.

Rather use the following numbers for planning: they indicate at days when I was driving, what the average distance travelled was. I found at times that days were very looooooooong, and the kilometers coming on so sloooooowly. Other days were over before I knew it. On average, including the non-driving days, I did an average of 250 kilometers per day on the entire trip. I have also calculated how many days I actually rode… 70% of all days. I found that a very good balance. I usually set targets, which helped. I used to say that when I had driven 500 kilometers on a day, the rest was bonus. Postitive thinking my friend.

Sometimes I rode a little longer. One day I REALLY pushed it. I had only one day to make it accross Kazakhstan from Russia to Almaty. A chain of events that had to follow made me do this ridiculous 1300 kilomter ride, from 5 AM untill 11 PM. Never ever again. The roads were terrible. That day I went from one climate zone to the other, from frickin freezin to deep-fried.

I rode the highest motorable road in the world, at 5600 km. in India. I have recorded the GPS locations at the end of every day, so here you’ll see the heights at which I actually slept. And what they say is true about teh higher the colder.

Prices for lodging varied considerable (surprise?). The only country that kind of wasn’t what I expected was Russia. A stiff price each and every time.

Luckily however, they supply themselves and their neighbours with cheap oil. Iran is the best by the way, by FAR. 8 cents per litre. Keep the change.

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